Destiny weapons

Destiny is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. The game features a variety of weapons that players can use to fight enemies and complete missions.

Here is an overview of the weapon types and some examples of popular weapons in Destiny:

  1. Primary Weapons: These are the most basic weapons that players have access to. They include auto rifles, pulse rifles, scout rifles, and hand cannons. Examples of popular primary weapons in Destiny include the Thorn hand cannon, the MIDA Multi-Tool scout rifle, and the Hard Light auto rifle.
  2. Special Weapons: These weapons are more powerful than primary weapons, but also have limited ammo. They include shotguns, sniper rifles, and fusion rifles. Examples of popular special weapons in Destiny include the Ice Breaker sniper rifle, the Invective shotgun, and the Plan C fusion rifle.
  3. Heavy Weapons: These weapons are the most powerful in the game, but also have very limited ammo. They include rocket launchers, machine guns, and swords. Examples of popular heavy weapons in Destiny include the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, the Thunderlord machine gun, and the Dark-Drinker sword.

It’s worth noting that Destiny has a unique system for upgrading weapons, with players able to earn experience and unlock perks to improve their weapons’ performance. Additionally, weapons can be classified by rarity, ranging from common (white) to exotic (yellow), with exotic weapons being the rarest and most powerful.

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