Sliquifier Wonder Weapon

The Sliquifier Wonder Weapon is a powerful tool featured in the Call of Duty series. It is a light-weight, versatile weapon that allows players to quickly eliminate their opponents with its massive damage output. The Sliquifier is a buildable weapon in Die Rise. To create it you must gather four parts 


The Sliquifier’s shots cause splash damage, which can cause damage to the player and will stun them. However, the actual damage is very low, and will rarely be fatal except to the most heavily damaged of players. The Sliquifier is a unique weapon, being the only one of its kind in the Call of Duty series. Its design is unlike any other weapon in the game, featuring a large barrel with a cylindrical shape and a long handle for easy aiming. It is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition, including high-powered shots, explosive rounds, and even energy bolts.

The ammo capacity for this weapon is 10 / 40. Yes, it is a weapon, not a piece of equipment. It will take up one of your weapon slots. However, it cannot be upgraded in the Pack-A-Punch Machine.Unlike the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23, the Sliquifier will not explode after being used. Once someone creates and grabs it, nobody else will be able to obtain it until they get rid of it. Once gone, someone else will have a chance of obtaining it from the Mystery Box.

Where to find?

The Sliquifier is a buildable wonder weapon that can be found in Die Rise, a zombie map. This four-part weapon discharges an unknown purple liquid material that produces a bubbling puddle on the floor that both players and zombies can fall into.

Part Locations

Note: All parts are located in the same building. Including the power, the player must buy one door. Clearing the debris blocking the staircase is optional, as the area above it is accessible by elevator.

  • Mannequin Foot: Near the top of the staircase, next to the television. This part never moves. Used as a stock.
  • Gas Canister: It is either next to where the Sliquifier is built in a green cage, or somewhere next to the power switch on a table. Used as a propellant.
  • Handbrake: It is either in the power room on the tables by the elevators, or by the fridge near where you build the Sliquifier. Used as the trigger and grip.
  • Wires and discs: It is either on the barrel next to where the debris was bought, or it is in the room upstairs with the showers and washing machines on a wooden stand. Used as the main body of the gun.
  • Crafting Table: It is located in the room below the power room.