Duke MK.44

The Duke MK.44 is a standard-issue revolver hand cannon from Destiny 2. Sector’s 08 Armory in the City is responsible for the birth of this hand cannon. It has two brothers, the Duke MK. 10 and the Duke MK. 21. The weapon is most often linked with newer Guardians who have a sidearm.

How to obtain The Duke MK.44?

The The Duke MK.44 standard-issue revolver in Destiny 2 is obtained by just a general legendary drop. 

In conclusion

The weapon of choice for individuals who must take their first steps outside the city walls. This classic hand cannon device is a throwback to a bygone era. The hazards of the border are numerous but with the Duke MK.44’s speed of extraction, holographic viewfinder, and hyper-sensitive trigger, it is a must have.