The Hawkmoon is an Exotic hand cannon introduced in Destiny Year One, exclusive to Playstation users only. A Year Two version of Hawkmoon is available in The Taken King to Xbox users as well. It returns to Destiny 2 with Season of the Hunt.



Year One

The Hawkmoon benefits from damage buffs. One of its special upgrades, Luck in the Chamber, substantially increases the damage of one random round in the 11-round chamber. This increases to three rounds with the signature perk “Holding Aces”, as well as an additional 2 bullets added into the magazine. It was only available in the Playstation 3 & 4 versions of Destiny, until fall of 2015[1]

Year Two

The Year Two Hawkmoon was made available on all consoles, and no significant changes were made to this specific weapon.

Year Three

With the release of Rise of Iron, Hawkmoon has been given two Ornaments that have a chance of dropping from Radiant Treasure boxes and Treasures of the Dawning.

Destiny 2

The exotic quest for Hawkmoon was released on December 8, 2020 for owners of the Season of the Hunt Pass. The Holding Aces and Luck in the Chamber perks have been replaced by the perk Paracausal Shot, and the weapon now has random secondary perks for subsequent drops.


What is this feeling?

I did not ask for it. I do not understand it. I do not want it.

The Crow is so carefree in his ignorance. The bonfire’s glow lights up his pale features and I am drawn to the hope in his gold eyes. Where is the despairing child I anticipated?

He drinks from an open bottle of wine against the recommendation of his GhostThe Guardian encourages him and they are laughing. This celebration is maddening; neither have reason to be so jubilant. Their world is ending and they thrash like dying creatures in the final light of collapsing stars. They do not seem to acknowledge the futility of their existence, the impermanence of it in the face of cosmic annihilation.

Now the Guardian is drinking, standing close to the fire. Their Ghost, too, encourages them not to partake. They poison themselves for the enjoyment of it.

I am reminded of my sisters. Of moments spent by lapping shores, gazing up at infinite stars full of possibilities and wonder. I am left yearning.

What is this feeling?

I do not understand it. I do not want it.

They are celebrating their victory over the Taken. The Crow is making a gun shape with his hand, swinging the nearly empty bottle of wine around in the other like a Sword. The Guardian looks pensive, sitting on a rock by the fire, contemplating the secret they are keeping. The Crow notices, but tries not to show it. He wants the Guardian’s spirits to be lifted. He wants to be supportive, so that they may share in their triumphs together.

As equals.

I am reminded of my home. I am reminded of the warmth of the sun and the embrace of my family. I am reminded of my father’s face. I am reminded of everyone I betrayed. All the blood spilled in the name of immortality. The warmth of the sun burns me with its memory.

What is this feeling?

I do not want it.

The fire has nearly died. The Crow fell over and cannot stand, though he insists he is fine. The Guardian is turning the embers with the tip of their Sword. The Ghosts are talking to one another in quiet conspiracy. The celebration has ended, but I can sense their emotions are mixed: complex and myriad things, when a simple, singular focus would suffice.

There is a growing kinship here. Against better judgment.

What is this feeling?



Barrel upgrades

  • Accurized Ballistics: More range and impact. Increased recoil.
  • Field Choke: More range and impact. Increased recoil.
  • Aggressive Ballistics: More predictable recoil. Enhanced impact. Shorter range and more recoil.

Special perks

  • Luck in the Chamber: One random bullet in the magazine causes considerable bonus damage.

Stat modifiers

  • Hammer Forged: Improved range and accuracy.
  • Quickdraw: This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.
  • Speed Reload: Reload this weapon quickly.

Exotic perk

  • Holding Aces: Two more random bullets in your magazine deal considerable bonus damage. 

Upgrades (Destiny 2)

  • Corkscrew Rifling: Slightly increases range and stability. Slightly increases handling speed.
  • Alloy Magazine: Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.
  • Transformative: Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls. (Rolls that Xur brings every weekend will have random rolls.)
  • Smooth Grip: Slightly increases stability. Slightly increases handling speed.
  • Paracausal Shot: Final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Charge. The final round in the magazine deals bonus damage based on the number of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon on the final round removes this bonus.
  • In-game screenshot of the Hawkmoon.