Wireless Battery Smoky Ace V2

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Wireless Battery Smoky Ace V2 Essential Oil Diffuser

Smoky Ace of Spades V2 is a unique and stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy into your gaming setup.

Inspired by the best-selling games in the world, we have created the “Smoky Ace V2” which is no doubts the most unique gaming setup accessory of the decade.

Our team has put a lot of work into bringing the in-game experience to a tangible world by creating not only the most beautiful gaming setup accessory but also adding diffusion that mists energy, focus, and chill – whatever you choose to fill it with.

Smoky Ace is the top sold product in our shop. Seeing that, you are going wild about our invention, we have to warn you about production and delivery time. Total approximate delivery could take 1-2 months after you place the order.

  • Rookie Pack includes: Full product (Stand+Prop), manual, cable, sticker, and water bottle.
  • Standard Pack includes: Full product (Stand+Prop), manual, cable, sticker and water bottle + Energy & Focus essential oil (Pure lemon).
  • Elite Pack includes: Full product (Stand+Prop), manual, cable, sticker and water bottle+ Energy & Focus (Pure lemon) + Relax & Chill (Pure jasmine) + Lavander essential oils (Recomended)


The Wireless Battery Smoky Ace V2 diffuses the aroma liquid of your choice with a special ultrasonic mechanism. The product is powered by a USB charger (All regions universal). The product emits blue light. The prop is magnetically removable from the stand, but will only work when connected to it.


The product comes with no liquid included for safety reasons, but the product manual in the box will explain how to do it. You are free to use any pure water-based liquid for the mist, but we strongly suggest only using our approved ones (found on our website). One full cartridge (pure water or mixed with essential oil) will last around 1.5-2.5hours.

The usual processing time for most Smoky Ace is 4-8 weeks.  IN STOCK Smoky Ace take an average of 2-4 business days to process.

Shipping: To guarantee that your products arrive as fast as possible, we use National Post shipping.
(Usually within 7-20 days.) ✈️

To guarantee that your product reaches safely, we send it in an extra-protective padded box.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Have fun shopping!

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11 reviews for Wireless Battery Smoky Ace V2

  1. Vera


  2. Andrew

    Great quality and amazing customer server it’s gonna look amazing on my shelf!!

  3. Faysal

    This is literally perfect. 11/10

  4. Leo

    Great looking item, quality is absolutely 100%. Really recommend

  5. Julie

    Amazing product my boyfriend loved it so much will definitely be purchasing more products again.

  6. Stef

    Impressive Quality! Was a gift for my son and he absolutely loved it! Thank you for such an amazing replica!

  7. Suzy

    Son loved this product, it is great!

  8. Vicky

    Excellent value & attention to detail.

  9. Lacy

    Very pleased with the product, customer service, and delivery time! Exactly as advertised. I’d recommend it to a friend.

  10. Cian

    Very light and fairly accurate 3d print. Arrived extremely quickly, very happy thanks!

  11. Kristofers Sondors (store manager)

    Wow, this is something really unique, i have never seen a diffuser like that ever!

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