Greetings and welcome to Greencade’s Call of Duty Call of Duty props & replicas collection! Where you may suit up and join the tense war action.

Get yourself some of our expertly made reproductions and souvenirs that is based on the renowned Call of Duty franchise. You may show off your devotion to the most intense military shooter in the world by wearing items from our collection. Including renowned weapons like the M16 and the MP5, and wearing character attire.

But we have more than just weapons in our Call of Duty collection. With our collector figures, artwork, and other products that honor the iconic characters and unforgettable moments, you can fully immerse yourself in the series’ action-packed battles and compelling stories.

Join the ranks of elite warriors, engage in fierce multiplayer combat. Start exciting campaigns set throughout real-world and imagined events. You’ll be prepared to take on any task thanks to Greencade’s Call of Duty collection.

Greencade’s Call of Duty C props & replicas selection will provide you with an unmatched gaming experience, so get ready, lock and load. It’s time to carry out your responsibilities and leave your mark on the battlefield.

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Ray Gun v2 – Call of Duty

Original price was: 230.00$.Current price is: 182.00$.

Prop Stand Call of Duty Zombies Collection

Original price was: 182.00$.Current price is: 96.00$.

Boomhilda Mauser C96 – Call of Duty

Original price was: 211.00$.Current price is: 172.00$.

Ghost Jawbone Mask – Call of Duty

Original price was: 134.00$.Current price is: 96.00$.

Ray Gun RGB Decor – Call of Duty

Original price was: 172.00$.Current price is: 115.00$.

Ray Gun – Call of Duty

Original price was: 288.00$.Current price is: 259.00$.

Monkey Bomb – Call of Duty

Original price was: 249.00$.Current price is: 192.00$.