Welcome to Greencade’s Elden Ring collection, where you can enter a world of dark fantasy and embark on a journey unlike any other.

Immerse yourself in the highly anticipated collaboration between game creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and acclaimed author George R.R. Martin. Our collection offers meticulously crafted replicas and merchandise inspired by the mysterious and ethereal universe of Elden Ring.

Discover a realm shrouded in mystery and danger, where ancient powers and mythical creatures roam. Unveil the secrets of the shattered Elden Ring, a source of immense power that holds the fate of the world in its balance.

Experience the intricate combat, intense boss battles, and immersive storytelling that have become synonymous with Miyazaki’s games. From the hauntingly beautiful landscapes to the intricate armor and weaponry, our collection captures the essence of this dark and captivating world.

Whether you’re a fan of FromSoftware’s previous works or a newcomer to their unique brand of gameplay, Greencade’s collection offers a glimpse into a realm that will challenge and captivate you. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure where your choices shape the destiny of the lands of Elden Ring.

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Starscourge Greatsword

Original price was: 249.00$.Current price is: 219.00$.

Reduvia Dagger

Original price was: 199.00$.Current price is: 149.00$.

Lusats Glintstone Staff

Original price was: 199.00$.Current price is: 159.00$.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

Original price was: 249.00$.Current price is: 199.00$.

Dark Moon Greatsword

Original price was: 559.00$.Current price is: 369.00$.