Welcome to Greencade’s Destiny 2 Ghosts collection! The place where you can immerse yourself in the captivating world of Destiny 2 with our meticulously crafted replicas of these iconic companions.

Step into the shoes of a Guardian and forge a bond with these intricately designed Ghosts that faithfully accompany you on your epic adventures throughout the solar system. With attention to detail and captivating LED lighting, these Ghosts capture the essence of their in-game counterparts, adding a touch of magic and authenticity to your collection.

But these Ghosts are not mere decorative pieces. They serve a vital role in your gameplay experience. Offering valuable insights, navigation assistance, and access to crucial information as you traverse the expansive universe of Destiny 2. Whether you’re seeking hidden treasures, unraveling secrets, or engaging in intense battles, these Ghosts are your trusted allies, always by your side.

Choose from a diverse range of Ghosts, each possessing its own unique design and abilities. From the sleek and futuristic to the battle-scarred and weathered. There’s a Ghost to suit every Guardian’s style and preference. Unleash their power and let them guide you on your journey. Uncovering new missions, forming alliances, and rising to new heights of legend and glory.

Elevate your Destiny 2 experience with our remarkable collection of Ghosts. Immerse yourself in the rich lore, face formidable challenges, and shape the destiny of the galaxy. With these Ghosts by your side, your legend awaits.

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Destiny 2 Ghost


Alchemical Dawn Ghost Shell


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Ghost Tyrant Shell – Destiny 2


Levitating Ghost – Destiny 2


Vigilance Sanctified Ghost Shell


Starlight Ghost Shell


Sagira’s Ghost Shell Sanctified


Rust Punk Ghost Shell


Predator Sun Ghost Shell


Peerless Precision Ghost Shell


Cosmos Ghost Shell Sanctified


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