Welcome to Greencade’s God of War Props page. Explore meticulously crafted replicas inspired by the legendary world of Kratos. Discover a wide range of iconic weapons, accessories, and costumes that capture the essence of the game.

At Greencade, we are dedicated to bringing the immersive experience of God of War to life. Our exceptional props, meticulously designed and crafted, allow fans and collectors to embody the might of Kratos.

From powerful weapons to intricate accessories and formidable costumes, our God of War Props category offers a diverse selection. Enhance your collection, complete your cosplay, or showcase your love for the game with our meticulously crafted replicas.

Step into the shoes of Kratos, wielding his iconic weapons and donning his distinctive accessories. Immerse yourself in the gripping tales and epic battles of the God of War universe.

Greencade is not just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant community as well. Connect with fellow fans, share your experiences, and engage in lively discussions about your favorite gaming moments and characters. Join us as we celebrate the legacy and valor of this iconic franchise.

At the heart of the God of War Props collection lies the formidable presence of Kratos himself. Our meticulously crafted replicas allow you to embody the iconic Spartan warrior, experiencing his raw power and unwavering determination firsthand. From his iconic Blades of Chaos to the imposing Leviathan Axe, our props capture the essence of Kratos, allowing you to channel his indomitable spirit and embark on your own mythic adventures.

Explore our extraordinary collection of handcrafted props and unleash the power and fury of Kratos. Greencade is your gateway to experiencing the epic world of God of War like never before.

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Leviathan Axe – God of War


Guardian Shield – God of War


Kratos Mjolnir Hammer


Blades of Chaos