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Summoning Key 3D Printed replica Call Of Duty

A Summoning Key is an important item in the popular video game series, Call of Duty. Its primary purpose is to allow the user to open portals and gain access to hidden areas and exclusive content.

The Summoning Key appears in various forms throughout the series, from a mysterious box to a small key card. Its power is not limited to opening doors, however; it can also unlock powerful weapons and special abilities. In addition, the key can be used to summon powerful allies, such as robots and other creatures, to battle against enemies.

The Summoning Key is an integral part of the Call of Duty universe and is necessary to progress through the stories and levels. Players must use the key to gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas or to trigger special events. It is also used to unlock rewards such as powerful weapons, special abilities, and unique items. Even if the player is unable to progress in the story, they can still benefit from using the key to gain access to unique weapons and abilities.

Summoning Key Specifications :

  • Full size: 1/1 – 11x11x11cm – 4,33x4,33x4,33 inch.
  • Weight- 135g / 0,30 lb.
  • Material – PLA (bioplastic).

But, processing time for the Summoning Key varies depending on the printing line backlog and the difficulty of the product.

The usual processing time for most props is 1-3 weeks.  

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Processing time varies depending on the printing line backlog and the difficulty of the product.

The usual processing time for most props is 2-3 weeks. (Printing, Painting and Crafting) 

Shipping: We use National Post shipping. (Usually within 10-20 days.) ✈️

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  1. Leon

    Im very satisfied with the way it came and looks, no complaints👍

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